Manufacturing Services


Manufacturing Services

Transformation of the industrial sphere is one of the world’s current megatrends, affecting companies representing two thirds of global GDP. Creating value with digital isn’t just a simple game of mixing and matching digital technologies. Industrial manufacturing companies also need to completely reinvent their operating models, products, production and value chains, becoming what we call Industry X.0 businesses.

Digital Service Factory

Reinvent the product and accelerate the development of new revenue streams through connected product services.

Digital Engineering and manufacturing

Transform the way products are engineered with digital enablers in smart automation, application of the digital twin, and connected manufacturing.

Industrial Consumerism

Redefine the customer experience through end-to-end customer engagement, front-office digitization and organizational transformation.

Agile operating models

Streamline the enterprise with the digitization of the office, spend reduction and cost competitiveness, and innovation in platforms.

Industrial analytics

Manufacturing applied intelligence with focus on machine uptime, predictive maintenance, warranty, and product performance.