How can retailers deliver their purpose and remain profitable? Responsible Retail—good for consumers, employees, partners, investors and our planet.


Having a purpose is only the beginning. What retailers do now matters more than what they say. Consumers are searching for meaning and authenticity, and want to shop with retailers that execute on their purpose responsibly in all that they do.

Responsibility to all stakeholders is at the heart of responsible retail. This includes consumers, employees, partners and investors, as well as a new stakeholder that is more important than ever—our planet.

Retailers need to build trust with consumers, invest in employees, share common values with partners and grow profitably for investors, while acting with a sustainable mindset for our planet.
Retailers that serve these stakeholders by turning their purpose into performance will gain the competitive edge.

Transforming retail responsibly

Responsible retail means designing strategies, products and services, experiences and relationships—every aspect of the business—around responsible initiatives.

Responsibility to consumers

Align around shared values to build trust with your retail consumers.

Responsibility to employees

Respect your retail employees as individuals and empower them to thrive.

Responsibility to partners and investors

Cultivate relationships with your partners and grow profitability for your investors.

Responsibility to our planet

Act with a sustainable and ethical mindset as a steward for our planet.